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AGPSF.36G – Embedded Active Dual-band GNSS L1/L2 Stacked Patch Antenna

Embedded Active Dual-band GNSS L1/L2 Stacked Patch Antenna

The Taoglas AGPSF.36G, with Taoglas Sure Technology, is an active, embedded stacked patch, GNSS antenna supporting both constellations at L1 and L2 bands. It is a high performance, economical solution for the highest accuracy centimeter-level tracking applications and is fully compatible with the next generation of GNSS L1/L2 receivers

Typical applications include:
• UAVs and Robotics
• E-Mobility and E-Scooters
• Precision Agriculture
• Navigation

This compact antenna exhibits excellent radiation patterns on both L1 and L2 bands and with a low noise figure to preserve signal quality helps minimize time to first fix. It also features excellent out-of-band rejection to prevent out-of-band signals from overdriving or damaging its LNAs.

The AGPSF.36G features very tight Phase Centre Offset (PSO) at just ±2cm at the L1 Band and ±5cm at the L2. The precision of antenna phase center directly affects the accuracy of GNSS positioning systems and can ensure that the accuracy of the receiver really is cm level. See section 3.1.2 for more information and results.

This antenna has been tuned and tested on a 70 X 70 mm ground plane, working at GPS L1, 1575.42 MHz and L2, 1227.6MHz, with a 2 stage LNA ensuring good signal strength. It can operate with an input voltage ranging from 1.8 to 5 volts.

Cables and connectors are customizable. Patch antennas can also be tuned to customer-specific device environments, subject to NRE and MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas customer support team to request these services or additional support to integrate and test this antenna’s performance in your device.

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