Image ALA.01.07.0095A


ALA.01 GPS/GALILEO Active Loop Antenna 45*10*2.3mm, 95mm Ø1.13, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

The active loop antenna ALA.01 is best suited for applications where omni-directionality is important. The average gain is similar to an 18mm active patch antenna but in a much narrower profile, only 2.3mm at its highest point, allowing this antenna to be used perpendicular to the device main-board, or placed adjacent to the top or bottom of device main board. A one-stage LNA combined with a SAW filter boosts the S/N (C/N) of the GPS/GALILEO system and helps to overcome some noise effects from today’s crowded device boards that passive antennas cannot resolve. The antenna can be placed in a plastic slot in the device housing. Alternatively, adhesive foam, hot-melt, or non-conductive screws could be used to mount the antenna. The core antenna design principle of loop current flow tends to “lock-out” a lot of surface noise from close circuitry from entering the antenna.

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