Image GPVSF.25.8.A.08


GPVSF.25.8.A.08 – 25*25*8mm GNSS + IRNSS Single Feed Stacked Patch Antenna

GPS/IRNSS Single Feed Stacked Patch Antenna L1:1575MHz L5:1176.45MHz

The Taoglas GPVSF.25.8.A.08 is a multi-band GNSS and IRNSS, high-performance directional antenna for improved GPS accuracy and fast positioning. Integration of IRNSS allows for better navigation accuracy and enables compliance with AIS-140 for tracking devices in India.

Typical applications include:
  • UAVs and Robotics
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • RTK
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Navigation

This antenna has been tuned and tested on a 70 x 70 mm ground plane, working at GNSS L1 bands and L5 IRNSS band. Patch antennas can be tuned to customer-specific device environments, subject to NRE and MOQ.

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