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Stingray AA.107 GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO Adhesive Mount, 3M RG-174 Ø55*12mm

Low Profile Adhesive Mount GPS-GLONASS-GALILEO Antenna

The Stingray low profile Adhesive Mount (only 10.8mm in height) GNSS antenna is designed for applications which require high positioning accuracy by combining signals from GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO systems. A high gain wide-band patch antenna on an integral ground delivers reliable performance, ideal for those applications that require durability, small size and covert installation, and reliable reception and transmission crossing through different mobile networks. Its high-quality low profile covert housing can be attached onto the glass or even out of sight under the dashboard. The standard version has 3 metres RG174 cable and SMA(M) connector. The cables and connectors are completely customizable according to customer request.

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