Image AA.108.301111


Titan AA.108 GPS/GALILEO Adhesive Mount, 3M RG-174 SMA(M)

First Tier Automotive Approved IP67 IoT Antenna by Taoglas

The AA.108 is first tier automotive approved IP67 antenna, the part AA.108.301F21 (with GT5 connector) is listed in the global automotive IMDS databases, it has gone through full PPAP design, reliability and quality audits, including audits at the production facility.

GPS/GALILEO Automotive Antenna

Our AA.108 Titan adhesive mount external antenna is ideal for robust, covert installations where durability and small size is paramount. It is ideal for telematics and M2M applications for commercial vehicle installations for fleet management etc. Titan antennas are also widely used for consumer GPS/GALILEO devices when extra sensitivity is required, e.g. navigation devices and speed trap detectors.

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