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FXUB70 Wide Band Flex 2xMIMO Antenna, 150mm 1.37, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

2G/3G/4G Flexible MIMO Antenna

The patent-pending FXUB70 LTE Wide-band flexible wideband antenna has been designed to cover all working frequencies in the 698-3000 MHz spectrum, covering all Cellular, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, ISM and AGPS. The antenna is delivered with a flexible body with excellent efficiencies on all bands, ground independent, with cable and connector for easy installation.

The FXUB70 flexible polymer antenna, at 182*21*0.2mm, is ultra-thin and truly wideband with high efficiencies across the bands. It is assembled by a simple peel and stick process, attaching securely to non-metal surfaces via 3M 467 automotive approved adhesive. It enables designers to use only one antenna that covers all common frequencies for LTE and 4G globally.

A flexible body with excellent efficiencies on all bands

The FXUB70 antenna is a durable flexible polymer antenna that has a peak gain of 5dBi, an efficiency of more than 45% across the bands and is designed to be mounted directly onto plastic. It is an ideal choice for any device maker that needs to keep manufacturing costs down over the lifetime of a product. It is ground plane independent and delivered with a cable and connector for easy connecting to the wireless module or customer PCB. Like all such antennas, care should be taken to mount the antenna at least 10mm from metal components or surfaces, and ideally 20mm for best radiation efficiency.

Cables and connectors are customizable. If cable routing is not convenient on this antenna, the alternative FXUB71 is recommended.

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