Image AP.35A.07.0054A


AP.35A GPS/GALILEO 1 Stage Active 35*35*5.5mm Patch , 54mmØ1.13, I-PEX MHF® I (U.FL)

Antenna for GPS Receiver Module

The AP.35A has been designed for embedded (inside device) integration with GPS modules, the AP.35A combines a 35*35*3.5mm advanced low profile ceramic patch antenna with a one stage LNA and ultra-thin coaxial cable. The Ground Plane size of 35*35mm combined with the larger size GPS Patch gives this solution a performance increase in gain of 1-2dB. It also helps shields the patch antenna from the noise and increases performance at low elevations. Taoglas active antenna modules utilize XtremeGain™ technology for the highest sensitivity in the industry.

This antenna system consists of two functional blocks, the LNA portion, and the patch antenna. The AP.35A has a back-end SAW filter.

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