Wall Mount Whip


The WM series of wall mount whip style antennas cover a wide range of frequencies from LoRa to Wi-Fi & Cellular.Robust, IP65 rated solution for applications including remote monitoring and mesh networks.

They exhibit high efficiency, and peak and average gain are optimized to provide extended coverage in the azimuth (horizontal direction), while also maintaining an omnidirectional pattern allowing for large coverage range in typical indoor or outdoor installations.

The whip is made up of a flexible inner steel core covered by TPU, so it is extremely resistant to impact and vandalism while maintaining its original shape and RF performance. The whip and the internal connection to the bracket is IP65 rated and the bracket allows complete concealment of the cable for a more secure integration and cleaner installation. The standard version comes with 3 metres of extremely low loss cable but can be customized upon request and MOQ.

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