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The antennas listed below on the reference table are compatible with the AER, ARC, and COR models that include an integrated modem. Please check our reference table below to see which are most suitable for your modem.

If you need a cable assembly to connect to your modem, please see our cable builder application where you can easily configure your requirements.

Taoglas Antenna SolutionBranch ConnectivityBranch ContinuityMobileIoT
AER2200 AER1600 CBA850 CBA550 IBR1700 IBR900 IBR600C IBR200
Adhesive FMA9911.A.00111 in 1 Adhesive Mount for vehicles. 4x4 LTE, 1GNSS, 4x4 Wifi. 600Mhz-6Ghz Image for FMA9911 GuardianX Response 11in1 1*Active GNSS, 4*LTE&FirstNet, 6*WiFi
MA963.A.BIVW.0024 in 1 (4x4 LTE) Supports 600Mhz-6Ghz. Adhesive Mount Image for MA963 Guardian 4in1 4*5G/4G Wideband MIMO Adhesive Mount Antenna
MA931.A.LBICGH.0086 in 1 (2LTE, 1 GNSS, 3 Wifi) Vehicle Adhesive Antenna. TMobile. 600Mhz-6Ghz Image for MA931 Guardian 6in1 Adhesive Mount 2*5G/4G MIMO(600-6000MHz) 3*Wi-Fi MIMO GNSS Antenna
MA952.A.LBIVW.001Guardian 5in1 Adhesive Mount Image for MA952 Guardian 5in1 Adhesive Mount 4*5G/4G MIMO GNSS Antenna
MA1509.AK.0019 in 1 Bolt Mount for vehicles. 4x4 LTE, 1GNSS, 4x4 Wifi. 600Mhz-6Ghz Image for MA1509 Synergy 9-in-1 Permanent Mount Antenna - GNSS, 4*5G/4G Cellular & 4*Wi-Fi
MA912.W.A.BI.001MIMO LTE Adhesive Mount Antenna. 600Mhz-6Ghz. Image for MA912.W.A.BI.001 2in1 White Adhesive 4G LTE(1&2) 3000mm
MA1506.AK.0016 in 1 Bolt Mount Vehicle Antenna. 5M of cabling (600Mhz-6Ghz) Image for 24666
MagneticLMA101.A.BI.004Gemini 2x LTE MIMO Magnetic Mount Antenna with 2m TGC-200 & SMA(M) Image for 24679

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